VISIA Skin Analysis

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Complimentary VISIA Complexion Analysis

The Visia Skin Analysis offers patients an objective evaluation of skin health. By providing a comprehensive photo-assessment, Visia allows an individualized treatment plan to be developed for each unique patient. The best in-office and at-home therapies can be established to provide long-term results.

The analysis takes the guesswork out aesthetic treatments, by establishing a detailed look into the patient’s complexion. Results from the procedure will show the percentage of existing wrinkles, large pores, sun-damaged skin cells, and age spots; as well as the presence of bacteria on the skin, notorious for causing facial acne. Visia Skin Complexion Analysis will also provide a valuable glimpse into how the face will age with and without future treatments.

Who is a good candidate?

Visia Skin Analysis can benefit everyone, from ages 18 to 80. It is an effective assessment of preexisting damage and future aging allows each patient to receive a customized aesthetic plan, specifically designed for their unique situation.

Visia takes only a few minutes in the office. The quick procedure is completely pain-free. Using cutting-edge technology, our expert esthetician will use a computerized camera to obtain a clear ‘picture’ of the skin’s health.

Patients will sit down for a one-on-one consultation appointment with Dr. Boulos. The images of the skin will be reviewed, along with a thorough explanation of the results. We will explain all of the fitting treatment options to reach optimum skin health. Dr. Boulos will formulate a unique treatment plan designed to reach the specific needs and goals of the specific patient.

The Visia Skin Analysis does more than just illustrate the current condition of the skin; it also acts as a baseline for future evaluation. As time goes by, a repeat analysis can be performed to determine if the skincare regime is making appropriate progress and if any new damage has occurred.

Easily Capture High Quality, Standardized Facial Images

Visa-cross-polarized and UV lighting are used to record and measure surface and subsurface skin conditions. UV photography provides the complete data set available for sun damage assessment and analysis, including UV fluorescence imaging to reveal porphyrins.

This technology separates the unique color signatures of Red and Brown skin components for unequaled visualization of conditions that result in color concentration, such as spider veins, hyperpigmentation, inflammation and other conditions.