Lips & Cheeks

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Lips & cheeks enhancement (augmentation) can do wonders for the entire facial aesthetic. Cosmetic dermal fillers injected into the lips can help you attain fuller, sensual lips with more defined contours. A number of injectable treatment options (Juvederm) can provide you with effective, long-lasting results. Fillers can be injected into the lips and cheeks to add volume, contour, and a more luscious appearance.

There are a variety of treatments that are useful for lip and cheek enhancement, including Juvederm®, fillers and more. Lips and cheeks augmentation procedures typically last under 30 minutes and often require no downtime after treatment. Injections are made in the treatment area with an ultra-fine needle. A local anesthetic may be applied to help you feel more comfortable during the procedure. There may be some mild swelling or bruising after treatment, but this should fade quickly and results are typically instantaneous. Depending on which injectable is used, the effects of lips and cheeks augmentation treatments can last anywhere from 3 to 12 months or more, and even longer with occasional touch-up treatments.

Dr. Shahira Boulos can advise you of what may be the best option for you at your initial consultation.