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Why You Need a Doctor for Lip Injections

January 13th, 2021

With the popularity of lip injections on the rise, people are looking for more affordable ways to achieve the desired plump-lip look. The procedure requires a needle used to inject a dermal filler, a fat injection, a collagen product or hyaluronic acid into the mouth area to make your lips bigger. It sounds like an easy process, but this isn’t the case.

Why You Need a Doctor for Lip Injections

Being untrained in this procedure can provide you with severe risks and damages. Often, even newly experienced certified surgeons turn away lips since they’re new to the job. Self-administered lip injections became such a serious and dangerous issue that it’s become illegal. It’s mandatory that you get a prescription and its injected by an authorized health professional, here’s why.

The Law

According to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, administering a substance by injection is a controlled act under the Regulated Health Professionals Act. Controlled acts may only be performed by authorized and regulated health professionals. Patients also need the physician involved in the assessment process to ensure the candidate is suitable for the treatment.

The Risks of Self-Administered Injections

To inject fillers yourself is never a good idea, especially knowing that board certified dermatologists and plastic surgeons spend years learning the basics of this procedure, before actually performing it on a patient. The yearning for a youthful appearance has influenced people to obtain this look from their friends or other non-physicians that are untrained and use illegal or counterfeit products offered for sale on the internet.

In several cases, patients who took it upon themselves to self-inject these substances experienced extreme complications. When purchasing off the internet, often, the fillers will imitate professionally used products, without actually being them. Without a physician, you may not know exactly what substances you’re injecting. People who have done this themselves have been left completely disfigured, in agonizing pain, and sometimes put themselves at risk for losing their lips, nose and eyesight. Doing it yourself means you increase the potential of injecting filler into the wrong spot of your lips. For instance, if the injection went into the intra-vascular blood vessel, it could cause severe damage to your lips such as blue discolouration and black dots around your mouth and chin. If something goes horribly wrong while self-injecting, it will be difficult to fix without the presence of a professional.

A Lower Cost Isn’t Worth the Risk

Patients need to understand the severity of doing this treatment yourself or through a non-professional. You may be paying a better price, but in the end, you’ll likely have a price to pay when the treatment doesn’t go as planned. Getting a good price for lip injections isn’t the same as getting a good deal on a haircut – injections come with much more severe risks.

Social media platforms are making it more difficult to identify the difference between a qualified provider and an illegal injector. This encourages patients to eventually see a valid physician in hopes that they can fix their problems with swelling and infections. Avoid this by choosing a clinic run by highly qualified and experienced, board-certified physicians.

Some Indicators to Ensure that Your Injector is Qualified and Experienced

  • He or she is a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon, or works under their supervision.
  • He or she is willing to discuss the risks and benefits of the treatment. You should properly consent, without feeling pressured or coerced into agreeing to the injections.
  • The treatment is being performed in a sterile, safe environment, such as a medical office. Avoid the procedure if it’s performed at someone’s home, in a salon or a dentist’s office.

Dr. Boulos is a certified medical professional with years of educational and work experience. She uses her expertise to ensure her clients are comfortable, well-informed and satisfied with their requested treatments. Book a consultation today to safely and confidently obtain the lips you desire!

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