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Why Threading Is One Of The Best Alternatives To A Facelift

October 20th, 2022

Overtime as you age, your skin starts to sag and lose its elasticity, impacting your overall appearance. With our Threading treatment, you can improve the look of your skin by tightening it's texture with a dissolvable suture and barbed thread.

Why Threading Is One Of The Best Alternatives To A Facelift

You could get a facelift, but maybe you’re not comfortable going under the knife. Maybe your health practitioner suggested against you going under anaesthesia. In this case, looking for a minimally invasive alternative to a facelift, is a better option.


Our Threading Treatment is the secret to a more youthful look and tighter appearing skin. Find out why threading is one of the best alternatives to a facelift.


What is threading?

Some may mistake threading for the hair removal procedure with a thread, but when we talk about threading, we’re talking about a Thread Lift, where your skin is threaded with a suture to create a refreshed, and youthful radiant look. Threading, thread lift, or facial thread are names used interchangeably for this procedure.


The process of this procedure consists of a dissolvable thread with a barbed suture being inserted under your skin. After insertion, the thread is tightened and enhances the skin’s appearance from being pulled.


On the other hand, the process of a facelift procedure is more invasive. The surgeon creates incisions throughout your skin, repositions it, and then removes any excess.


Threading Costs vs. Facelift Costs

For those who are looking for a cost-effective option, facelifts might not be the best choice. In comparison to having a facelift, a thread lift procedure is much cheaper. According to a study, threading procedures costs approximately 40% less than the total cost of a facelift procedure.


Threading vs. Facelift Downtime

The amount of downtime that comes with a threading procedure requires little to no time. Initially after the procedure, there may be symptoms like redness or swelling but the general recovery period is within a few days to a week.


When it comes to a facelift, the typical recovery period last approximately three months and requires more downtime in comparison to the threading treatment.


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From being a generally less invasive procedure to being financially affordable to needing less down time, our threading procedure is a superior option to getting a facelift. Thinking of getting a threading treatment?


Contact us today to book a consultation for your threading treatment.

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