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What’s the True Age of your Skin? – VISIA Skin Analysis

January 12th, 2021

The best way to find out about the health of your skin is to see it up close. VISIA imaging system easily captures and automatically analyzes every aspect of your face. With computerized precision, VISIA identifies exactly how much damage your skin has suffered from sun exposure and environmental factors.

VISIA Skin Analysis determines the patient's overall skin condition and age, providing a revolutionary new metric to guide the selection of skin care products and treatment options.

What’s the True Age of your Skin? – VISIA Skin Analysis

What is Visia Skin Analysis?

Visia Skin Analysis is a new technology which allows each individual to gain a deeper understanding of their skin, offering an in-depth skin evaluation with the help of computerized photo-assessments. This innovative technology makes it possible to examine UV spots, age spots, red areas, tiny blood vessels, wrinkles, brown spots, pores, acne-causing bacteria as well as the skin texture. The analysis allows us to see the true underlying condition of our skin with the help of exposure to different lights.

How It Works?

Visia Skin Analysis provides you with the most comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your skin’s health, from complexion evenness and wrinkles to sun damage.

We analyze the computerized image of your skin and then recommend a solution to improve the condition of your skin. Laser treatments, skin care products, and injectables are just a few treatment options available.

Depending on the results, your doctor will devise a unique treatment plan suiting your comfort and needs.

Benefits of Visia Skin Analysis

  • Visia Skin Analysis is a cutting-edge technology to examine the exact true age of the skin.
  • Visia provides patients with a better understanding of the importance of regularly wearing sunscreen.
  • The following sessions of Visia Skin Analysis allow the patient as well as the doctors to see which treatments are working well and which need to be enhanced further to achieve the best results.
  • The analysis is a great way to improve not only the appearance but also the health of the skin.

Here at Dr. Boulos Medical Spa, we care about the overall health of your skin. We offer complimentary consultations for all services including our VISIA skin complexion analysis imaging system. Contact us today to book your consultation.

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