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What You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

January 13th, 2021

Currently, lip augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the beauty industry. Several people want to achieve the “plump lip” look and find that lip fillers are the most convenient way to do so, as it usually entails a short session with minimal downtime, while receiving long-lasting results. Before you do the procedure, it’s important to do your research. As non-invasive as this procedure is, you want to be prepared for what to expect and be able to avoid any potential risks.

What You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

Here’s some information you should know about lip fillers!

What is in the injection?

Lip fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid (HA), which is a substance already found in the body. Since our bodies produce this substance, you won’t have to worry about your body rejecting the filler. As we age, the body produces less HA, so injecting more into the lips will ensure to keep them looking plump! The best part about fillers with HA is that if you don’t like the look of your lips once the procedure is over, a simple injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase will make the filler dissolve right away. Nothing is permanent if you don’t want it to be!

When will I see results and how long will they last?

Results are noticeable instantly! However, you have to take into consideration that your lips swell up more directly after the treatment. The size should decrease only a bit, 4 weeks prior to the appointment where you will see the real and full effect. The filler is long lasting – most patients top up on their fillers between 9-18 months after the first session.

Is it painful?

Typically, patients feel mild discomfort when receiving injections. A topical anesthetic is applied shortly before the treatment in order to ease the little bit of pain, that way, if you feel anything, it will only be a slight pinch! Several hyaluronic acid fillers include a numbing substance called lidocaine, which also helps to reduce discomfort. Once the session is complete, your lips will likely be tender and swollen, which can be treated with some ice. When that’s done, you can easily go on with your day. The best procedures are the ones with no downtime!

Is this procedure safe?

Although the treatment may seem simple, there’s always the possibility that something could go wrong. That’s why; it’s crucial that you see an experienced, qualified professional like Dr. Boulos, to ensure that you avoid several risks. Don’t ever get your lips done by a beauty salon, nurse or someone who’s not certified to perform this procedure. If something were to go wrong, an uncertified person would not be able to prescribe you medication or know how to fix the errors. Do your research and make sure you get your lips done by a reputable professional!  Dermal fillers made of hyaluronic acid typically don’t provide anyone with complications or infections.

What happens during the procedure?

Once the numbing cream is applied and the fillers are injected, the physician will massage the lips to ensure that the substance was distributed evenly. Doing this will allow you to avoid potential bumps or lumps in the lip.

How should I prepare for the procedure?

Avoid blood thinners including ibuprofen, aspirin or herbal supplements at least a week before your session. These will likely cause your lips to bruise. For patients prone to cold sores, ensure that you take an antiviral medication a few days before to a avoid getting potential sores from the lip filler.

Some Aftercare tips

  • Apply ice, stay hydrated with plenty of water, eat healthy food
  • Avoid strenuous exercise and extremely hot temperatures 24-48 hours post treatment
  • Avoid fast food, spicy food, processed food and excess salt
  • Avoid smoking and smoke exposure
  • Don’t travel internationally for 2 weeks post procedure so that we can do a follow up to ensure you’ve fully recovered

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