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Top 7 Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal

January 13th, 2021

Traditional hair removal methods are time consuming and costly to maintain. Whether you tweeze, shave or wax, the unwanted hair will just come back in a few days or weeks. If you no longer want this to be a chore in your life, then it’s time to consider getting laser hair removal. Here are some of the main reasons people laser their unwanted hair!

Top 7 Reasons to Get Laser Hair Removal

Saving Time

The amount of time spent travelling to and from your appointments, plus getting your hair removed, adds up when you consider how many times you’ll have to complete this routine in your lifetime. If you shave, this takes a lot more time and the hair grows back thicker and faster, making it even harder to upkeep. Typically, a laser hair removal session can take approximately 30 seconds to an hour, depending on the area being treated. This will be much more convenient seeing as it only takes a few sessions for the hair to permanently be removed.

Saves Money

Think about all the expenses that come with using a traditional hair removal methods: razor blades, shaving cream, after-shave cream, hot wax, waxing strips, and going for salon treatments. It may seem like the cheaper option at first, but the costs will add up over the course of your life. When you choose to laser your hair, you’re investing in a long-lasting solution. Say goodbye to all of these extra, unwanted expenses and enjoy permanent hair removal!

No More Ingrown Hairs!

When removing hair by tweezing or shaving, it’s common for ingrown hairs to develop, along with some redness and inflammation on your skin.  If you have coarse hair and frequently deal with this issue, then you can avoid it with the laser method! With laser hair removal, even if you have thick hair, your chances of developing ingrown hairs are much slimmer.


This procedure is made comfortable for most patients. At Dr. Boulos Medi Spa, we use the reputable GentleMax Pro laser, along with a cooling system that works to protect your skin by reducing pain and redness. This is especially useful for those with sensitive skin!

Low Maintenance

Once the procedure is complete, there is little to no maintenance required to ensure that your results last.

Always Prepared

Laser hair removal especially comes in handy when you have an unexpected event coming up and have no time to remove all your unwanted hair.

No More Worrying About Regrowth

You know that awkward phase when your hair starts to grow back, but it’s not long enough to shave or wax yet? Well, you won’t have to go through that any longer if you decide to laser your hair. The regrowth phase can be itchy, uncomfortable and affect your confidence, so it’s time for you to avoid this!

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