Toe Nail Fungal Infection

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Toe Nail Fungus Treatment

Are you dealing with a fungal nail infection? If so, come in for effective onychomycosis treatment with the help of our Candela GentleMax Pro laser.


When a person’s fingernails or toenails have a fungal nail infection, this is a condition known as onychomycosis. This condition more frequently affects the toenails than the fingernails. A person’s nails are made of a tough protein called keratin. Because the nail fungus consumes keratin protein, the nail experiences numerous structural changes.

Part or all of the affected nail takes on a discolored appearance. Yellow and/or white streaks may form under the nail. As the infection spreads, the nail may begin to look ragged, brittle, crumbly, distorted, or thicker than normal. The surrounding skin can also become inflamed. After a time, the nail may break away from the nail bed, and pieces of the nail may break off. This damage can be permanent.


Out of all of your treatment options, laser onychomycosis treatment will provide the most effective and speedy solution. This treatment will not cause discomfort or pain, and it is both safe and convenient. It destroys nail fungus but does not injure any of the patient’s tissues. It also avoids the side effects to the liver that sometimes come along with various oral medications.

The way treatment works is that the Candela GentleMax Pro laser’s heat weakens and kills nail fungus. Once the fungus is gone, the once-affected nails are free to recover and return to normal.


To begin laser onychomycosis treatment, all of the nails are first prepped, even ones that do not appear to be infected. This ensures treatment of active and dormant infection. To prep the nails, they are filed down to reduce the thickness and assist in penetration of the laser’s light. Following this, pulses of the laser energy are targeted around the entirety of each affected nail. This will be accompanied by a feeling of slight heat in the region.

Laser pulses will then be applied around the outside of the nail and surrounding area to treat the skin, removing any fungal infection in the tissue. This thorough treatment aids in avoiding recurrence of fungal infection. Once the first full laser treatment is complete, time is given for the nail to regrow. More treatments will be performed on the nails as needed to ensure that the fungus is fully gone.


Laser onychomycosis treatments are non-invasive and do not harm your tissues; thus, no recovery time will be needed following treatment.

Patients do not see an instant change to the nails. Instead, the nails will slowly grow back. The regrown nail section will look normal, and the old nail will grow out to be removed. Until your onychomycosis is completely gone, do not get professional pedicures or manicures in order to avoid spreading the fungal infection. Giving yourself pedicures or manicures at home is permitted. Nail polish can also be applied, provided