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The 5 Best Facials to Get Before Your Wedding Day

April 13th, 2022

For a bride, your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life; it’s a day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl.

The 5 Best Facials to Get Before Your Wedding Day

For a bride, your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life; it’s a day you’ve been dreaming about since you were a little girl. It’s a day you imagine feeling and looking your absolute best, an elegant white wedding dress matched with a perfect pair of stylish women eyeglasses? And you should! That’s why Dr. Boulos recommends getting at least one facial before your big day! Your pores will be clear, and you’ll have an added glow to your face – what more could you want?

Below is a list of the five best facials to get before your wedding day. We suggest beginning your facial regimen at least six months before your wedding to give your esthetician time to get to know your skin and recommend the right facial routine for you. It’s time to say, “I do” to one of these rejuvenating facials before saying, “I do” at the alter!


Microdermabrasion is an award-winning treatment that is the gold standard in the medical spa world. At Dr. Boulos Medical Spa, we use Pristine™ by Viora, a microdermabrasion tool that uses laser-cut diamond tips to gently exfoliate the top layer of the skin for a polished and radiant look. That’s not all it does though! It uses vacuum suction to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin at the same time. The combination gives the skin a full prep, prime, and polish, so your skin will be ready to soak up any skincare products after this treatment. Expect a glowing, radiant complexation that will make you look fabulous on your wedding day!

Microdermabrasion is a must before your wedding! This one must be done once a month for three months, so give yourself time for this premium treatment.


A HydraFacial is a perfect one-time treatment that gives you a beautiful glow for any special event, including your wedding! A HydraFacial takes anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, but you’ll love every second of it!

A HydraFacial is perfect for those with clogged pores as it deeply cleanses your pores and is an extremely effective blackhead extraction treatment – it cleanses, extracts, then hydrates! The results are long-lasting and instant, making it perfect to have a few days before your wedding. At Dr. Boulos Medical Spa, we also give you an optional boost with our HydraFacial if you’d like. We have HydraFacial super serums that can address specific concerns. There’s a DermaBuilder Boost, a Growth Factor Boost, or a Britenol Booster. Learn more about our HydraFacial boosters options by clicking here.

Chemical Peel (Jessner Peel) 

Want dramatic results before the big day? Our Chemical Peel, AKA the Jessner Peel, is the one for you! This peel can get a bad rap, and some may be too scared to do it, especially before such an important day, but we assure you you’re in the right hands with Dr. Boulos’ medical experience. If you get this treatment done several months before your wedding or honeymoon, you will be just fine and look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. You’ll know exactly how your skin will react months prior and will have no worries once the wedding rolls around.

This type of treatment is perfect for those with hyperpigmentation, sun damage, scarring, fine lines, big pores, acne, and rosacea breakouts. The Jessner Peel will aggressively target these problems, leaving you with a smooth and even texture. This one requires three to four treatments and progressively makes a difference in your complexion.

Carbon Peel (Hollywood Peel) 

It’s not called the Hollywood Peel for nothing! A-list celebrities get this Carbon Peel often before a huge event, and you’re the celebrity at your wedding, so you deserve this perfect peel! The Carbon Hollywood Peel is a laser peel with no downtime whatsoever. It helps to rejuvenate damaged and aging skin, evening out the tone, pigmentation, fine lines, and acne scars on the skin.

It works with specialized laser energy that targets the melanin in your cells and breaks it up using your body’s natural removal process. Then, it heats deep in the skin causing it to contract and produce collagen. You will need three sessions over three months, so make sure to schedule this one beforehand!

Signature Swissline Facial 

For those of you who are simply looking for a relaxing facial before the big day, either alone or with your bride squad, our Signature Swissline Facial is for you. The Signature Swissline Facial is a spa pampering facial with medical-grade results! Essentially, that means you’ll get all the pampering you deserve with all the clinically proven results. We’re talking radiance, hydration, and tightening to truly transform your skin and protect it from the stresses of planning a wedding. This facial is around 30 minutes of total bliss, and you don’t need more than one treatment unless your face begins to feel dehydrated or dull.

Book a Consultation with Dr. Boulos

Determine which facial is right for you by booking a consultation with Dr. Boulos today! Dr. Boulos will be able to recommend what facial is best for your skin type and schedule a treatment plan for you before your big day!

Dr. Shahira Boulos has a surgical background and has always had a special interest in women’s health and wellness. As a female, she understands many concerns that females of all ages have, including but not limited to aging, skincare, and other miscellaneous medical concerns. Contact us today!

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