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How to Make Fillers Work with Your Face Shape

June 13th, 2022

When deciding what fillers to get for yourself, one of the major things you need to consider is
the shape of your face. Just like haircuts, there are fillers that flatter every facial shape. At Dr.
Boulos Medical Spa, we tailor each experience to suit every unique individual.
Based on the geometry of your face, whether you have an oval, heart, round, or square face
shape, your face shape can determine where fillers are best placed.

How to Make Fillers Work with Your Face Shape


Considering the fact that oval-shaped faces tend to have symmetry and balanced proportions, it
is traditionally considered the ‘ideal’ face shape.
In order to contour the face, we suggest that adding fillers should be more focused on the
centre of the face. This can be done by adding fillers to the cheeks and nose to add dimension.

As you age, we suggest restoring volume to your face by adding fillers to the temples, jawline,
and chin.


If you have a wide forehead and a narrow chin, you most likely have a heart-shaped face.
People with this face shape are prone to forehead wrinkles and/or sagging brows. This can be
corrected with our Botox fillers. On the other hand, fillers can also support aging cheeks and
prevent the midface from sagging by adding volume and fullness to the face. Lastly, adding
fillers to the nasolabial folds and under-eye circles can help refresh an aging face.


If you have a round face, chances are you’ve been told that you have a baby face.
This is thanks to having a face that is almost equal in length and width. As you age, your face
may start to look more square shape over time. Based on your facial structure, we suggest
adding structure to your midface, cheek, and under-eye areas can restore the look to your face
as you age and maintain that round shape.


You can tell if you have a square face based on if your temples, cheekbones, and jawline align
with eachother in a square shape. Each of these points would also be an equal distance from
the middle of your face.

For square faces, as you age over time, your face starts to look rectangular or pear shape. In
order to maintain that youthful square shape, we would add fillers like Juvederm on your
cheeks to reduce aging on your face.

Thinking of getting fillers?

Whether you’re new to fillers or familiar with the procedure, we always make sure that you’re
taken care of at Dr. Boulos Medical Spa. Dr. Boulos has been administering cosmetic injections
since 2007. She has successfully built upon this experience with further training in Aesthetic
Medicine and has attended various conferences, where interaction with her peers continues to
keep her education current. Book a consultation today to determine which filler is rightyou’re
your face shape!

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