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How to Get Natural Looking Lip Fillers

January 13th, 2021

A popular concern most patients have prior to getting lip injections is whether or not their lips will look natural. It’s easy to notice a lip filler gone wrong. Often, bad lip fillers look “ducky” and like “fish lips” due to a hanging top lip, lumpy deposits and an extremely artificial looking pout. Patients undergoing this procedure usually envision beautiful plumped lips and sometimes end up with a botched lip job. This is why you need a licensed aesthetician like Dr. Boulos to perform this treatment because if you don’t carefully select your injector, you might regret it.

How to Get Natural Looking Lip Fillers

Here’s how to achieve the natural lip look you’ve always wanted with the help of dermal fillers!

A Good Ratio

Typically, a perfect lip will have a 1:1 ratio between the outer corners of the top and bottom lip, while the middle of the lip and the outer corner should be a 2:1 ratio. Tell your injector that you desire this ratio in order to receive natural looking lips.

The Appropriate Filler

There’s several fillers to choose from which will all provide you with a different effect. Choose an injectable that has the same consistency as the lip’s natural mucosa, otherwise you might not receive the results you expected.

The Best Area to Inject

It doesn’t take just anyone to perform flawless lip augmentation, it takes someone who has fine attention to detail and knows to focus on only specific parts of the lip. You can’t just poke around the outlines and expect your lips to look good. The goal is to achieve a perfect ratio!

Amount of Filler

When selecting the amount of filler, you have to consider the size of the natural lip and devise a plan from there. Many patients with poor lip augmentation invest in far too much filler. A reputable practitioner will tell you when you’re injecting too much. Patients usually won’t require over 1ml of filler in a single treatment if they want a natural look.

Contact Dr. Boulos

Dr. Boulos has been administering cosmetic injections since 2007. She has successfully built upon this experience with further training in Aesthetic Medicine and has attended various conferences, where interaction with her peers continues to keep her education current. You can feel confident that Dr. Boulos will provide you with the gorgeous, plump lips you desire! Book a consultation today.

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