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Get Thick, Beautiful Hair with PRP Therapy

January 13th, 2021

The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is renowned for healing several skin conditions, giving patients a smooth and youthful glow. Aside from this, many people unaware that it also works wonders when treating hair loss! This treatment involves drawing a person’s blood and injecting it into the affected areas of the scalp. Doing this will increase blood flow to the follicle and encourage hair growth. Keep reading to learn more about how this procedure works!

Get Thick, Beautiful Hair with PRP Therapy

What is PRP? How does it work?

Platelets are one of the main components in blood used to stop excessive bleeding and promote healing. When extracted and reinjected in the body, they work to accelerate the healing process.

Typically, your doctor will begin by extracting the blood from your arm. Then, your blood will be placed into a centrifuge, which is a machine that spins fast and separates fluids. After approximately 10 minutes, your blood will have separated into 3 layers, one of them being the platelet rich plasma. Once the platelets are retrieved from the sample, they will be injected into the scalp.

It’s important to ensure that your physician has sufficient experience performing this procedure – it’s quite a meticulous process. Injections will be administered at roughly every half inch over the affected areas. It may sound like a long process, but it usually takes about 30 minutes.

Are there any risks?

There really aren’t any real risks with the PRP treatment. The only feeling you may experience is slight discomfort or swelling. To minimize the pain, all it takes is some ice or a Tylenol. These side effects usually last between 1-2 weeks.

Who’s an ideal candidate for this procedure?

If you’re experiencing hair loss, then you’re a perfect candidate! However, PRP works best on people who treat the issue earlier than later. It’s also best for patients who have androgenic alopecia. For men, androgenic alopecia is easy to determine, but for women, they can notice this happening to them if their hair part is widening, while the hair at the back of the head is a normal thickness.

How many treatments will you need?

For the first 3-4 months, treatments take place once a month. After this, patients usually get treated every 3-6 months, depending on their individual needs and what they want the results to be. Patients will notice results within 2-3 months after the procedure.

Once you start the process, you’ll notice that you don’t shed as much as before and your hair is much longer.

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