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Cure Toe Nail Fungal Infections with the GentleMax Pro

January 13th, 2021

No one likes the uncomfortable feeling of having a toe nail fungal infection. Toe nail fungal infections can make your toes appear discoloured and disfigured, while negatively impacting social or personal activities. Several patients find this infection embarrassing, especially in the spring and summer seasons when you’re prevented from wearing comfortable sandals and open-toe shoes. Don’t go through this fungal infection alone, let us help you out with effective onychomycosis treatment using the GentleMax Pro laser!

Cure Toe Nail Fungal Infections with the GentleMax Pro


Onychomycosis is when an individual has a finger or toe nail infection. Nails are made of a protein called keratin, so since the nail fungus consumes keratin protein, it can experience several structural changes.

Signs That You May Have a Toe Nail Fungal Infection

  • Thickened nail
  • Distorted nail shape
  • Brittle, crumbly or ragged texture
  • Change in colour
  • Dull appearance
  • Toe nail separates from nail bed (onycholysis)
  • Toe nail Pain
  • Foul scent

What Causes Toe Nail Fungus?

You can get toe nail fungus anytime. If you have cuts between your nail and nail bed, or are around moist, wet environments like the gym, locker rooms, hot tubs, saunas or swimming pool decks. Additionally, if you wear your shoes or socks all day and your feet sweat, you’re more susceptible.

Treatment with the GentleMax Pro

Toe nail fungus is now most commonly cured through laser treatment. The handheld GentleMax Pro device works by using heat to weaken and kill nail fungus. This is a very simple procedure! We prep the nails by filing them down to reduce its thickness and enhance the effects of the laser light. Each nail is targeted individually on top of the nail and around it to remove any fungal tissue from the surrounding skin. With the GentleMax Pro, you won’t experience any discomfort or pain, nor will it injure any of the tissues in your foot.


Luckily, there’s no recovery time for this treatment. Typically, post-treatment, patients will see their nails slowly growing back. The new nail will grow out and the old nail will be removed, which is why you need to schedule more treatments in order for the problem to go away completely. Avoid getting pedicures that are professionally done – if you do, you will risk spreading the infection.

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