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CoolSculpting Aftercare Tips

January 13th, 2021

Did you just finish your final CoolSculpting session? If so, then it’s important that you make it count by following some of these aftercare tips that will help you maintain the best results possible!

CoolSculpting Aftercare Tips

Soreness, Swelling, Redness

Soreness, swelling and redness are all common side effects that occur after the procedure. Don’t be alarmed if you have bruises or feel numbness in the area that was treated. Putting ice on this is the simple solution!

Wear Loose Clothes

Let your body heal properly by wearing loose, comfortable clothes. Avoid tight jeans or shirts that will make the swelling worse and uncomfortable.

Nerve Twinges

Shortly after your treatment, it’s likely that you will experience some nerve twinges. Typically, this feels like a quick zap to the area, but this is completely normal! This is a sign that your body is restoring your nerve endings. Treat this with anti-inflammatory medications and some ice to help reduce swelling, along with heat to increase your blood circulation.

Be Aware of Unusual Side Effects

Listen to your body! Since you know most of the side effects then you should be aware if anything unusual is happening. Call us if something goes wrong after the treatment so we can identify the problem and find a solution.

Be Patient with the Recovery Process and Results

Results will appear as early as 3 weeks but you will only notice the full effect approximately 6 months after the treatment. It usually takes some time for your body to flush out all the fat cells. You can make this process faster by drinking a lot of water. Once you undergo this treatment, you have to remember that it’s crucial for you to be exercising regularly and eating healthy. CoolSculpting doesn’t prevent you from gaining weight, so make the treatment worth it by taking care of yourself!

Contact Dr. Boulos

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