Body Odor and Itching

Laser hair removal prevents body odor and excessive itching. Men typically have more body hair than women. The reason several men decide to get laser hair removal is because hair absorbs odors. More hair means that your body will more likely have an unpleasant smell. Also, when the hair is long and thick, it can cause some irritation or itching. Completing the procedure allows men to feel more comfortable in their skin.

Avoiding Other Hair Removal Treatments

For men who regularly remove their body hair, then they know that the only options they have are waxing and shaving. Shaving requires constant upkeep, especially with thick, long hair that grows quickly. When you shave, you’re also more susceptible to red inflamed bumps appearing around the hair follicle and ingrown hairs. Since that’s not very convenient, many men resort to waxing. This isn’t much better, especially with the intense pain you may endure. When considering the options, men resort to laser since it’s the least painful and provides the most convenience.


Excessive sweating encourages bacteria growth. When you combine sweating with a razor, it can cause inflammation and irritation. With laser hair removal, men will avoid feeling this irritation!

Male Athletes

For athletic males, laser hair removal is often vital. Professional body builders undergo the treatment so that the muscle definition on their body stands out more and makes them seem more desirable. When you’re a body builder, aesthetics is important and excessive hair can lessen the appeal of your look. Cyclists often laser the lower parts of their body such as their stomach and legs. Men who partake in cycling often wear more fitted outfits and spend long periods of time on their bicycle seat. This can cause chafing and irritation, so cyclists often resort to laser hair removal. The procedure also appeals to competitive swimmers. With less body hair, the faster you can swim!

Overall, with the busy schedule of an athlete, it can be difficult to maintain body hair.

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