Botox® Cosmetic

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Botox® Cosmetic To Lose Those Wrinkles

Botox® Cosmetic treatment is a good option for fine lines and wrinkles. As we age fine lines and wrinkles can give us the appearance of looking tired or angry and make us look older than we feel. The treatments can eliminate these lines and provide patients with a more youthful, refreshed look. Dr. Shahira Boulos’ wrinkle smoothing injectable treatment is a simple and effective way to take years off your face.

It is a purified protein which is used to relax muscles that cause wrinkles and expression lines. It works by blocking signals from the nerves to the muscles. Injected muscles can no longer contract, causing wrinkles to relax and soften. Effects are temporary and generally last between three and four months, at which point wrinkles gradually re-appear and can be retreated. With repeated treatments lines and wrinkles may become less severe as muscles become conditioned to relaxing.

It is administered through a series of tiny injections into specific muscles with a fine needle. Areas commonly treated are forehead lines, frown lines between the eyes and crow’s feet on the outside corners of the eyes. No anesthetic is required and most patients report very little discomfort. Results begin to appear within days and full effects are visible after one week.

It has been used safely in the medical profession for over 16 years and is one of the most widely studied medicines in the world. In addition to its cosmetic benefits, can be used effectively to manage conditions such as migraine headaches and excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis).

The increasing popularity and availability of Botox® Cosmetic means that choosing the right treatment provider IS more important than ever. All wrinkle smoothing injectable treatments are performed personally by Dr. Shahira Boulos who is recognized as one of the finest cosmetic physicians in the industry. Since Botox® Cosmetic is considered a drug, the suitability of this treatment can only be determined at the time of consultation once in our clinic. There are specific risks that will also be fully explained to you at this time, in order to determine if you would be a suitable candidate for treatment.

Individual results may vary.