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Botox Aftercare Tips

January 13th, 2021

Botox is a safe and effective treatment used to rejuvenate the skin and maintain a youthful appearance. It’s one of the most common injections that people usually opt for to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and on the neck. When you get Botox, you’ll want to avoid any potential complications associated with the treatment, that’s why we’re providing you with some essential aftercare tips!

Botox Aftercare Tips

Avoid Rubbing Your Face

Once Botox is injected, make sure to avoid rubbing your face or applying any pressure on it for at least 24 hours. Rubbing your face may cause the Botox to move around into different areas, which you don’t want since this substance is a toxin. Also, any unnecessary movement in the area can produce drooping eyelids, nerve damage or unwanted results. Try your very best to avoid touching your face, only for one day!


After receiving Botox injections, typically you can go on with your day-to-day activities like normal. However, if you work out a lot, then consider doing light or medium exercise for a few days. For the best results, avoid working out as a whole. Too much strenuous activity can affect the final results.


We know that it’s hard to control what position you’ll end up sleeping in, but try your best to sleep on your back! Botox needs time to settle on your face and you might negatively affect the process if you sleep on your stomach. You only need to do this for one night.

Avoid Blood Thinners

Don’t take blood thinners directly after the procedure. Consult with your doctor about how you can go about avoiding these medications for a short period of time.

Heat Exposure

Avoid excessive heat exposure until redness and swelling has disappeared from your face. This could make it worse.


If you consume alcohol directly after the treatment, you’re putting yourself at risk for negative reactions such as bruising. Since alcohol can thin your blood, its best to stay away from it for at least a day.

Contact Dr. Boulos

Are you looking for more aftercare tips? If so, then contact Dr. Boulos today with any questions you have pertaining to your treatment. Botox has several uses, so if you had a pleasant experience with it the first time, then book a consultation today so that we can show you what else it’s good for!

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