Body Treatments

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Body Treatments

Pamper Treatments

Pepper Wrap: Our one hour Pepper(mint) Treatment will improve the look of your skin, help remove toxins and any cellulite blemishes will look better.

You will enjoy a light spray of Dead Sea Water on your body and then we will apply an Elixer to your Lymphatic points prior to adding a gommage scrub with a gentle massage, lastly we will apply another spray of Dead Sea Water before applying the Pepper Mud. You will be wrapped in a warm cocoon to rest and allow your body to absorb all the goodness of this Pepper treatment. A scalp massage is offered during this rest period. No need for a shower, we remove the mud with warm towels then apply Almond oil massaging lightly, and we will finish your pamper with a Pepper Emulsion to your body.

Hydrating Treatments

Candle Wrap: This one-hour treatment will immediately lift your spirits and help reduce stress, it will nourish your skin and cause you to relax. It is a wonderful moisturizing treatment for your entire body.

Spend one full hour enjoying a Zen feeling, while your skin is treated with beautiful warm oil that is massaged into your skin, working from your feet working upwards so that you can feel the stress being released from what was once a very tense body. You will be cocooned in order for your body to finish absorbing the oils, leaving you relieved and stress-free to take on the rest of the day.

Lulur Wrap: This body wrap will help you to rebalance your body and mind. This treatment will nourish your skin during the dry winter months and the hot summer sun.

During your one hour treatment you will be treated special elixir massaged into your hands and feet which will immediately relieve stress. Once this is complete you will be treated to a mousse exfoliant applied to your skin all while your pressure points are being massaged, then wrapped in a warm cocoon, and while resting, a scalp massage is offered. Before you finish you will then enjoy a toner to balance your skin and a warm yogurt massage is done. The perfect compliment for any skin type!

Signature Treatment

Chocolate Wrap: A perfect treatment wrap to lift your spirits, ideal for stress… who doesn’t like the smell of chocolate? This wrap will hydrate your entire body and is excellent hydration prior to tanning or for the suffering skin from harsh dry winters.

Our very deluxe chocolate wrap will begin with a deep gommage exfoliation and your will then be treated to a body massage with warm chocolate which will send your senses soaring. You will be wrapped in warm cotton towels to allow your body to hydrate completely. To finish your experience, or rather the cherry on top, you will have a chocolate moisturizing cream applied to keep that happy sensation with you.