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5 Benefits of the Latisse Eyelash Treatment

January 13th, 2021

Having long, dark eyelashes is one of the main trends in the beauty industry. Those who don’t have the naturally long lashes they desire often resort to wearing mascara or investing in false eyelashes. The problem with this is that putting makeup on eyelashes can be time consuming, so false eyelashes have becoming much more common. However, they’re more expensive and high maintenance. For people with a hectic schedule, who want long, thick lashes but don’t have time to upkeep them, consider the Latisse eyelash treatment.

5 Benefits of the Latisse Eyelash Treatment

What is Latisse?

Latisse is a spectacular new serum used to promote thicker and fuller eyelashes. It’s the first and only clinically proven, FDA approved product used to achieve the lashes many women desire. The active ingredient in the serum called bimatoprost is what extends the growth phase and increases the number of new hairs that come about.


1. Easy Application

Once you had a consultation with Dr. Boulos, if you’re a suitable candidate, you wil get a prescription for Latisse. The application is easy! All you have to do is apply a small amount to the upper lash line on a daily basis.

2. Save Money and Time

Disregard the time consuming and damaging effects of mascara, fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions with Latisse! Instead, simply apply the serum and let your natural lashes grow to their full potential. Think of all that time you will save without having to fix your lashes in the morning! Plus, both mascara and fake eyelashes cost a lot of money that you can now save because of Latisse. After approximately 8 weeks, you will notice a difference in the appearance of your lashes, which means you don’t have to worry about the additional maintenance any longer!

3. Fast Results

Typically, after 16 weeks of applying the treatment, you’ll notice that your lashes have grown to their full potential.

4. Safe

This treatment is extremely safe. Since you must see the doctor in order to get a prescription and learn about the application process, your health will be protected significantly!

5. A Natural Look

Since they are your eyelashes, you will automatically get a more natural look to your lashes. Now, you can avoid potentially clumpy mascara and artificial looking lashes. Plus, you will be more confident while wearing less makeup!

Contact Dr. Boulos!

To invest in this innovative treatment, contact our office and schedule an appointment to see if you’re a suitable candidate for Latisse.

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